Propeller Shaft Grease

Propeller Shaft Grease
Mudel: Propeller Shaft Grease
Saadavus: Laos


Propeller shaft grease.

The MPM Propeller Shaft Grease is specially developed for applications on board ships. The grease has a very high resistance to water washout and is therefore particularly suitable for use in stern tubes. This grease is suitable for lubricating rudder and rudder stock, capstans, anchor winches, winches and in case of humid environment.



Kirjeldus Отвечает требованиям: DIN 51502 ISO 673 ISO-L-XBC IB2 KP2K-20


Värvus Brown
NLGI Klass 2
Töötemperatuur -10 / 90 °C
Paksendaja Lithium-Calcium