SKU: BL052000

Marine premium high performance stern-drive oil.This high performance gear oil formulation is special designed to provide maximum protection for Stern-drive and propeller units of outboard engines. The synthetic additives...

SKU: BL058000

Marine trim and steering system oil.This marine power trim en steering oil is a premium hydraulic oil which is particularly suitable for the use in trim- and steering systems. This oil provides excellent protection against...

SKU: BL059000

Marine hydraulic system oil.This marine steering sil is a paraffinic oil with a high viscosity index for optimum operation of hydraulic systems with a high varying temperature range. This steering oil provides excellent...


Marine premium synthetic biodegradable 2-stroke marine oil.This marine TC-W3 Oil 2-stroke biolube is a full synthetic biodegradable 2-stroke oil for use in water-cooled outboard engines of watercrafts, jet skis and Evinrude...


Moisture displacer aerosol 400 ml.This moisture displacer has been developed as an oil-based product for universal use in case of moisture problems. MPM Moisture Displacer remedies starting problems caused by moisture and...

SKU: 61000

MoS2 grease EP-2.This MoS2 EP grease has been specially developed for use under the most extreme load. This grease is extremely suitable for applications where high loads and low speeds of revolution are present. The...


Engine cleaner aerosol 400 ml.This engine cleaner removes grease, oil and tar from all metal surfaces of the engine. MPM Motor Cleaner does not attack the paint and lacquer.

SKU: 05000ESP-FE

Premium Synthetic Fuel Economy Motor Oil specially developed for Volkswagen/Audi group.According to the specifications of:

  • VW 508.00 / 509.00
  • VW TL 525 77

SKU: 05000VLV

Premium synthetic motor oil for Volvo.According to the specifications of:

  • Volvo approval VCC RBS0-2AE

SKU: 05000JP

Premium synthetic motor oil specially for Japanese, USA and European High-Tech Technology.According to the specifications of:

  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5