Eni OSO 32

Eni OSO 32 is a high performance antiwear hydraulic oil, specifically designed to meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component manufacturers. It’s formulated with selected base oils treated with “low zinc” technology ensuring excellent antiwear, antirust and antioxidant properties. It has an outstanding filterability in service. Eni OSO 32 is also suitable for other duties in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required, allowing use of a single product with excellent performance characteristics.
Specifications and Approvals:
BS 4231 HSD| Fives Cincinnati P-68 level| Eaton Vickers I-286-S| Denison HF-0 level| REXROTH RD 90220-01/12.10| ATOS Table P002-1/E| DIN 51524-2 L-HLP| ISO 11158 L-HM| AFNOR NF E 48603 HM


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