Agrinol Grease SKS 300 m-1

3.84108.00(incl. VAT)

Blend of oils thickened by complex over- alkaline  calcium sulphonate with addition of anti-wear, EP and antioxidant additives.

Sphere of application

Grease SKS 300 m recommended for lubrication of bearings and other other friction units of industrial equipment, which works under extreme loads, high temperatures and contact with water:

  • metallurgy and mining industry, quarry works;
  • sea and river ports: harbour cranes, equipment of dock works;
  • other industrial equipment, when reduction of costs for maintenance is needed.

Operating temperature range: from minus 20 (minus 25) to 180 (190) С.

SKS 300 m-1 (NLGI 1/2) is used for centralized lubrication systems and forced feed of grease devices. SKS 300 m-2 (NLGI 2) is used as mortgage grease.


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