Agrinol UTTO 80W

60.00510.00(incl. VAT)

Agrinol UTTO 80W – universal transmission-hydraulic oil (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil), which applied in combined driving gear (transmission/ hydraulic), including hydraulic (“wet”) brakes of tractor vehicles (agricultural,
roadbuilding and other special technics). It is possible to use the product in different hydraulic mechanisms. Special additives provide noiseless operation of power unit.

According to the specifications of:
Transmission units:
АРI GL-4; SAE J306C 80W;
SAE J300; 10W-30;
ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 06K,17E, 21F;
Allison C3/C4;
Caterpillar TO-2;
John Deere JDM J 20 C;
Ford M2C 134 C/D, M2C 86 B/C;

Hydro-systems and hydraulic clutches:
ISO VG 46 / 68 /100;
DIN51524.2/3 HLP/HLP-D

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