MPM 2-Stroke Premium Synthetic Ester Racing Extreme

Premium synthetic 2-stroke high performance oil.

This 2-stroke oil is a fully synthetic ester based self mixing oil. Predominantly designed for high revving engines, and is suitable for race, road and track use. Due the extremely unique cleansing and lubricity effect of the oil, it not only assists in preventing seizing, but greatly reduces cylinder deposits. In addition, it also reduces wear on bearing surfaces and increases engine performance. This specially produced self mix 2-stroke oil can be used in high octane race fuels and is compatible for use in sports/racing motorcycles, quads, trial bikes, motocross and enduro motorcycles where a 2-stroke high performance product is required. Recommended mixing ratio is for racing 25:1 and for the motor-cross 50:1.

According to the specifications of:

  • API TC / TC+

Earn up to 321 Points.

Earn up to 321 Points.

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