MPM 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil 15W-50 Premium Synthetic Ester

Premium synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil SAE 15W-50.

This SAE 15W-50 fully synthetic ester based 4-stroke motorcycle oil is suitable for air or water-cooled 4-stroke competition engines. Due to its high specification ester blend, it allows the engine to perform highly not only at very high speed, but under very heavy load conditions also. The exceptional anti-wear/anti–friction additive combination not only enhances performance, but the high lubricity effect of the blend also reduces oil consumption and extends engine lifetime. This multi-functional MPM SAE 15W-50 engine oil is not only developed for road and race engines, but it is also suitable for less heavy duty day to day motorcycle engines. Note: This product is suitable for lubrication of gearboxes with or without wet clutches.

According to the specifications of:

  • API SL
  • JASO MA / MA2

Earn up to 148 Points.

Earn up to 148 Points.

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