MPM Motor Oil 5W-30 Premium Synthetic C2 Citroën / Peugeot

Premium synthetic ‘MID SAPS’ motor oil for engines of Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota among others.

This premium synthetic fuel-saving ‘MID SAPS’ (ACEA C2) motor oil with PSA B71 2290 specification has been specially developed for Citroën and Peugeot cars and light commercial vehicles. This motor oil is also suitable for vehicles where SAE 5W-30 with ACEA C2 is specified. This motor oil meets the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines with particulate filters (DPF).


According to the specifications of:

  • ACEA C2
  • API CF / SN
  • PSA B71 2290
  • Renault RN 0700