MPM Engine Flush

Cleans and flushes the internal oil channels of the engine.

MPM engine flush is a strong oil/detergent-based formula that cleans sludge and deposit build-up, promoting reduced oil consumption.
Assists in restoring fuel economy, increasing operating efficiency and reducing emissions in petrol and diesel engines.

Main benefits

  • Superior cleaning agents cleans and flushes the internal oil channels of the engine.
  • Eliminates gum, varnish and sludge.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by restoring the engine condition.
  • Enables the fresh oil to perform optimally.
  • Easily removes contamination such as carbon deposits, soot and liquids (water condensation and fuel).

For all petrol, diesel and LPG engines with or without a turbocharger. Compatible with mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic motor oils.

Appliance instruction

  • Add the contents of the 250ml bottle of MPM Engine Flush to the engine via the oil filler cap.
  • Idle the engine for 10-15 minutes, then immediately drain the oil. Ensure enough time for the system to completely drain.
  • Remove and replace the engine oil filter.
  • Refill engine with new OEM recommended engine oil.

The contents of one 250ml bottle is suitable to treat an engine with an oil capacity of 3 — 6 litres.


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