MPM Marine TC-W3 Oil 2-Stroke High Performance Biodegradable

Marine premium synthetic biodegradable 2-stroke marine oil.

This marine TC-W3 Oil 2-stroke biolube is a full synthetic biodegradable 2-stroke oil for use in water-cooled outboard engines of watercrafts, jet skis and Evinrude E-TEC engines. This thermally stable oil ensures outstanding piston cleanliness and protection against rust.

The biodegradable 2-stroke oil is readily miscible with gasoline and suitable as self-mixing or in oil injection systems.

The mixing ratio of the oil is 2% (1:50) and 1% (1:100) in accordance with the recommendation with the engine manufacturer.


According to the specifications of:

  • API TC+
  • CEC L-33-T-82 > 80%
  • NMMA TC-W3

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