SKU: SN030000

Premium synthetic ester based 4-stroke snowmobile oil.This premium synthetic 4-stroke SAE 0W-40 snowmobile engine oil is a special ester based formulation which provides excellent protection against engine wear and friction....

SKU: 10920

Soap dispenser.This soap dispencer is suitable for the 4.5 liter pack of Guest Hand Cleaner Classic Red and Hand Cleaner Yellow Plus.


Universal grease spray aerosol 400 ml.This universal grease spray is a lubricant and protection product with a long term action based on mineral oil and organic solvents that prevents rust and corrosion formation and is...

SKU: 66001

Acid-free vaseline.This acid-free industrial Vaseline has been specially developed for the lubrication and protection of tools and mechanical components such as threaded rods, casings, ball bearings, toothing and chains....

SKU: 10921

Wall bracket.Wall bracket for hand cleaner 4,5 L.