MPM Diesel Detox Professional

Multi-purpose engine clean-up and performance boost.

MPM Diesel Detox Professional is a very effective multi-purpose clean-up treatment. This unique formulation not only addresses the most common deposit issues found in modern diesel engines but is also boosts cetane number, protects against corrosion and lubricates the fuel pump. Diesel Detox Professional cleans the complete fuel system including clogged injectors, valves and combustion chamber.
In combination with an organo-metallic supplement this treatment also targets and cleans the turbo variables vanes and the diesel particulate filter, which are often caused by a previously malfunctioning fuel system and incomplete combustion.

Main benefits

  • One multipurpose product addresses all common deposit related problems in the fuel and exhaust system.
  • Boosts cetane number, protects against corrosion and lubricates the fuel pump.
  • Regains performance loss caused by a dirty and inefficient fuel system, coked turbo and saturated diesel particulate filter.
  • Extends lifetime of the expensive turbo and diesel particulate filter.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emission of hazardous exhaust gases.

For all diesel engines including common rail with or without turbocharger running low- or normal-sulphur level diesel fuel.

Appliance instruction

  • Pour contents of the 500 ml bottle in the fuel tank, preferable before refueling with diesel.
  • Drive at least 20 to 30 minutes with elevated rpm (>3000).
  • Repeat similar cycles a few times while driving on the treated diesel in order to achieve the maximum result.

The contents of one 500 ml bottle is suitable to treat 40 to 60 litres of diesel fuel.

Attention: Do not overdose!


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